Perspectives on Profiling

Tool for Police Effectiveness or a Weapon of Bias?

Perspectives on Profiling™ is an interactive virtual learning experience that compels users to make critical choices in testing situations. Users’ decisions will alter storylines and lead to different outcomes. At numerous intervals, the virtual experience solicits input, emphasizes learning points, asks questions, summarizes knowledge, provides a record of previous events, and offers positive and negative feedback. Unique to this product is the ability to see the outcomes of these choices and evaluate their consequences.



The Learning Points

This interactive video delivered on CD-ROM is a cutting edge training tool that moves officers into a new paradigm of thought on the subject of Racial Profiling. It is sensitive to the challenges that face Law Enforcement both in reality and in the management of public perception. The product is founded on a robust ethical perspectives projected into real life situational choices.

This unique training tool confronts a number of complex issues that surround the debate on Racial Profiling:

1. The confusion surrounding three terms:
Criminal Profiling
Racial Profiling

2. The myth that statistics prove that an individual member of a specific racial group is more likely to commit a given crime than anybody else.

3. The danger of Officers abandoning their intuitive skills out of fear of being accused of bias and racial profiling.

4. The dangerous trend of police disengagement from potentially sensitive suspects to avoid accusations of racial profiling or selective engagement to satisfy quotas.

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Perspectives on Profiling Train-the-Trainer

Perspectives on Profiling Train-the-Trainer

Perspectives on Profiling - Train the Trainer is a three-day program focusing on providing the information and skills necessary to ensure a successful presentation and facilitation of the Perspectives On Profiling interactive movie training. Skills and knowledge modules include understanding the fundamental issues surrounding racial profiling, the use of facilitation skills and adult learning models, and CD-ROM mechanics. Each participant will also be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and receive feedback from experienced trainers.