Virtual Professional Development

Supporting the Educator Community in California

While we stay safe at home, the MOT is offering new FREE virtual PD experiences offering insights and tools that you can use NOW. Featuring live personal testimonies, video story-telling, digital artifacts and hands-on lesson plans, all sessions are led by our wonderful facilitators who create space for dialogue and community.

See the calendar and enroll in upcoming workshops, webinars, and speakers.

Contact us to invite an MOT Youth Educator to lead a virtual workshop for your students. See the core course list below for PD for you and related MOT virtual classroom modules delivered by us.

Core Course List
Choose one or more. Any combination totaling 12.5 hours is eligible for CEU credit.


The Teaching Tolerance Curriculum

Required Dates: June 15-19 (15 hrs total)

In this institute participants will learn about the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards and a unique pedagogical approach that integrates identity, diversity, justice and action into instructional planning and delivery.

Teaching Tolerance: School Culture and Climate

Required Dates: June 16-19 (8 hrs total)

This institute will focus on cultivating a school climate that supports the goals of anti-bias and social justice education. Through interactive and dynamic online discussion and activities that uplift the themes of the Museum of Tolerance and workshops led by experts from Teaching Tolerance, participants will investigate approaches to educational leadership and inclusive school practice.


Holocaust Survivor Personal Testimony

Choose From: Every Wednesday at 1:00pm (1.5 hrs)

Meet, hear, and engage with a Holocaust Survivor online. Survivors volunteer their time at the MOT to speak about their experiences during World War II. They are cherished ambassadors of memory, hope, and tolerance.
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Request a customized Virtual PD for your school or district. Work with our expert consultants to offer training on topics such as addressing social inequity, social emotional learning, culturally responsive curriculum, restorative justice, trauma-informed, and anti-bias leadership development or request a core course for your group on a date that works for you.

Past Sessions

Election 2020: Amplifying Youth Voice

Required Dates: April 23 and 24 (2 hrs ea.)

In partnership with KQED, this two part series enables you to make audio & video commentaries and help students analyze important issues, create media to share their views and connect with peers across the nation. Part of KQED’s Youth Media Challenge: Let’s Talk About Election 2020.
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Anne Frank: A Fascinating Look at the Real Anne

Choose From: May 5, 19 (3 hrs)

Join the MOT's Director Liebe Geft for a virtual exploration of the Anne Frank exhibit. Learn little known insights about Anne and the Frank family that bust myths and transform the way you will think about Anne and her diary's relevance for today.
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Youth Voices and Resistance During the Holocaust

Choose From: May 4, 18 (2 hrs)

Examine the Holocaust through the lens of the experiences of children. As its most tragic victims, Jewish youth were also critical chroniclers of events and resilient resisters. Gain unique access to select Museum archival treasures and resources.
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Tolerancenter: Inside-Out Approach to Anti-Bias Education

Choose From: May 13, 27 (2.5 hrs)

Led by a professional dialogue facilitator, explore some of the MOT's most moving interactive exhibits examining themes such as dynamics of discrimination, and democracy and diversity. The session is designed to spark personal reflection on how to create the changes we seek.
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Combating Online Hate in Schools: What to Know and Do

Choose From: May 11, 26 (2 hrs)

This seminar is for all caring adults in school communities to examine the issues of digital citizenship in an age of online hate. Led by a SWC Researcher you will also be oriented to a new free classroom activity offered by the MOT that empowers students to decode and reject it.
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Lessons from the Holocaust: Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal

Choose From: May 6 (1.5 hrs)

As the world's foremost Nazi-Hunter, learn why he was called the Conscience of the Holocaust as well as the Jewish James Bond. Discover a human rights hero who lives on through his courage and vision. Special Guest: Efraim Zuroff: Nazi Hunter.

From the Depths of Hate: Personal Testimony

Choose From: April 30May 12, 26 (1.5 hrs)

In this powerful seminar Tim Zaal shares an in-depth look at his life as a former White Supremacist. He describes his induction into the White Supremacy movement, his departure and transition, and the process of reconciliation with one of his former victims.
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Lessons from Little Rock: Dr. Terrence Roberts

Choose From: May 14, 28 (1.5 hrs)

Meet an icon of the civil rights movement, Congressional Gold Medal Award winner, Dr. Terrence Roberts. As one of the Little Rock Nine, he shares his experiences of the 1957 attempted desegregation of Central High School, and his wisdom for promoting social responsibility today.
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Reflections on Anti-LGBTQ Bias: Michael Eselun

Choose From: May 14, 21 (1.5 hrs)

In this moving LIVE testimony, Michael Eselun shares his own journey with anti-LGBTQ bias. Participants explore the connection between sexism and anti-LGBTQ bias, understand the power of words and images in perpetuating oppression, and recognize ways LGBTQ+ allies can act to combat homophobia. 
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