Tools for Tolerance® For Educators Customized Group Program

An interactive, experiential program that helps educators fulfill their potential both as people and professionals.

The Museum of Tolerance is a partner to schools in advancing anti-bias education, inclusion, and equity through unique professional development programs. Set in the immersive, experiential learning environment of the Museum of Tolerance, participants are challenged to examine the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts, to confront all forms of prejudice and discrimination, and to assume responsibility for positive change. Every program features innovative methods to promote self-reflection, critical thinking, and action planning.

Group Programs are customized for the goals and needs of each group, but some common elements include:

  • Experiencing the Museum of Tolerance as a laboratory for human behavior
  • Hearing personal testimonies from witnesses to history
  • Engaging in facilitated discussions around issues that matter to you
  • Participating in workshops customized to the group’s needs by expert consultants (choose a focus, including promoting a positive campus climate, Common Core through a social justice lens, media literacy, cultural proficiency, and much more)
  • Taking home valuable resource materials

Programs are offered in 1 or 2-day formats. Lunch and materials are included. Limited funding for travel and/or accommodations for groups travelling from outside of Los Angeles (50+ miles) is also provided as permitted by the grant.

How do I get started with creating a custom program for my school or district team?

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What Participants Are Saying About Our Programs:

“This was an amazing opportunity and was very much needed for our staff on so many levels. The experiences reinvigorated my energy and determination to keep our work going.”

“[The experience] inspired me and gave me tools to take back to the classroom. I am excited and ready to show my students that they can take action to make an impact on their community and the world.”

“The experience was really life changing for me! I will not only inform (positively) the way I teach, but also the way I interact with the world. I am forever grateful.”

“Thank you so much! Staff at the Museum were very knowledgeable, welcoming, encouraging, and mindful. The experience was positive and impactful.”

“This was a life changing experience that I will always remember. It’s hard for me to really express in words what it meant to me. I appreciate all that you’ve done for us and I really appreciate how much thought you put into how you planned this session. It also filled me with the motivation to go back to my school and make some big and meaningful changes in the content I teach.”