Supervisory and Command Level

Leadership Initiatives for Command Staff
This program brings together national command level professionals to address the unique challenges facing today’s law enforcement leadership. Driven by participants’ concerns, which have included: building trust across diverse communities, working with multi-generational employees (Generations X,Y, Z), and recruitment and retention of qualified personnel, this training guides Command Staff to craft appropriate responses to complex issues. In an ethics-based approach, participants will explore new dimensions of leadership and develop tools that translate theory into practice.

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Tools for Tolerance® for Supervising Line Staff

Both command and line-level personnel often remarked that one of the most influential groups of people in an agency is the first-line supervisor. They have the ability to influence how policies and procedures are perceived and applied. However, first-line supervisors also find themselves in the unenviable position of being sandwiched between the great expectations of leadership and perceptions of power and accountability from subordinates. As new leaders, they have to forge different relationships with individuals who used to be colleagues within an environment of limited authority. Drawing upon the models of the current Command Staff program, this presentation assists supervisors to gain expertise in certain leadership skills and to infuse those skills in a para-military organizational structure.

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