Volunteer Opportunities: Change the way you see the world and your role in it!

If you are interested in becoming a Museum of Tolerance Volunteer, please complete the online Volunteer Application.

For more information, please contact:

E: volunteer@museumoftolerance.com


The MOT offers three distinct volunteer programs for people of different ages, with many different interests, skills and abilities:

  • MOT Volunteers
  • MOT Internships or Special Museum Project Volunteers
  • MOTivating Teens Volunteer Program

 Qualities of a MOT Volunteer:

  • Dedication to the mission, goals and ideals of the MOT.
  • Respect for cultural diversity and a commitment to social justice.
  • Motivation to empower individuals to make a difference.
  • Enthusiasm for continual learning and training.
  • Reliability as a MOT volunteer.
MOT Volunteers

We are currently welcoming Volunteer applications for:

Greeter and Exhibit Assistants

Greet and guide public visitors through exhibits, and assist at various exhibit areas in the MOT.

Museum Docents or Tour Guides

Over 140,000 students participate in guided tours at the MOT each year. Volunteer guides bring their enthusiasm and skills to shape a highly interactive educational experience at the MOT.

You will be trained to facilitate tours in the Tolerancenter / Holocaust exhibit, Anne Frank exhibit and/or in the Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves exhibit.

Archives and Reference Library

Be trained to assist with daily library operations, answering phones, cataloging and research, and with the preparation of digital archival material.

Gift Galleria and Bookstore (Seasonal)

Greet customers and assist staff. 

General Information

We ask our Volunteers for a commitment of at least 1 year and 100 hours (about 10 hours a month), in addition to completing any required training.

There is an administrative fee of $45 to cover the cost of training materials. Limited scholarships are available. We also encourage Museum membership.

Interns* or Special Museum Projects Volunteers

Apply for positions in Museum Education and/or the Archives and Reference Library.

Museum Education

Greet and assist visitors at Museum exhibits, with special exhibitions, and conduct group tours throughout the Museum.

Archives and Reference Library

Assist with archival processing and historical research; help with general library operations.

General Information

Interns must commit to working 10-15 hours per week. Volunteers must commit to 100 hours per year.

Assignments are awarded in the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters of each year and are open to college juniors, seniors, post-graduate and graduate students.

A Certificate of Acknowledgement is awarded upon the successful completion of the program

    *Internships are unpaid and must qualify for college credit. If no credit is desired, positions are available as Special Museum Projects Volunteers.

      MOTivating Teens Volunteers

      This teen program is for high school students grades 7-12. It includes: Independent Museum Exploration and Education Journal; Volunteering as a Teen Docent; a community service/social justice project.

      • Applications are being accepted throughout the year
      • Fulfills community service requirements
      • One year commitment required
      • Minimum 50 volunteer hours per year


      MOT Volunteer Orientation Training

      Volunteer Applications are accepted throughout the year. Prospective candidates must participate in a personal interview, followed by reference checks. If accepted to our Volunteer Program, prospective volunteers are invited to attend the formal MOT Volunteer Orientation Training or to begin our Independent Volunteer Training Program.

      Volunteer training is followed by a flexible Apprenticeship period designed to allow Volunteers to become comfortable with the MOT, its exhibits and the various Volunteer opportunities, and to become certified before beginning active volunteer service.

      The eight-week formal Volunteer Orientation Training includes:

      • An introduction to the MOT mission & goals
      • Visitor Service workshops
      • Museum Education methodology
      • MOT exhibit information and training
      • Holocaust History series, conducted by Senior Researcher
      • Workshops on Digital Terrorism and Hate, conducted by Senior Researcher
      • Tolerance workshops, conducted by professional staff/librarians
      • Logistics of Museum flow

      MOT Independent Volunteer Training (IVT) Program

      The MOT Independent Volunteer Training Program (IVT) is designed to offer greater flexibility for prospective volunteers who are unable to attend the formal classes, due to school or work schedule conflicts. Prospective volunteers commit to a regular day and time each week that works with their schedule to conduct their training.

      The Independent Volunteer Training Program includes three levels of training, with a syllabus to guide the prospective volunteer in exploring the various exhibits and historical content of the Museum at their own pace, and it includes a journaling component

      • Level One: Mandatory Training- Introduction to the Museum and its exhibits; Independent Museum Discovery Journal
      • Level Two: Logistics/ Exhibit Assistant Training
      • Level Three: Continuing Education/ Docent Preparation

      The MOT also offers update exhibit training and skills workshops for all Volunteers throughout the year.