Volunteer Opportunities: Change the way you see the world and your role in it!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Museum of Tolerance. To learn more about the volunteer opportunities available and how to apply, please read the following carefully.

For more information and with questions, please contact volunteer@museumoftolerance.com.


Apply Online

We are currently accepting applications from adults interested in volunteering at the Museum of Tolerance for the next volunteer class. The next class of volunteers will train at the Museum in Fall 2024.

Volunteers contribute to the Museum in a variety of ways, from leading tours in the museum’s exhibition spaces to assisting with special events.

We request that Volunteers commit a minimum of one year as a volunteer and approximately 100 hours per year in their role. Volunteers must commit to completing all required training and attending required trainings as well as optional meetings to the extent possible.

An administrative fee of $45 will be requested to cover the cost of training materials. Limited scholarships are available upon request.


Apply Online 

Jack Voorzanger Archival Internship

The Museum of Tolerance currently hosts international interns through the Lingnan W. T. Chan Fellowship Program in partnership with the University of Southern California, as well as through the Austrian Service Abroad.

On a limited basis, the museum may also have the capacity to host currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate student interns to support the museum in a variety of capacities. These internships are offered on the basis of museum capacity and needs, as well as intern interest.

Please note that internships are unpaid and must be completed for college credit. If no credit is desired, project-based volunteer positions are also available on a limited basis. With inquiries regarding internship opportunities, please email volunteer@museumoftolerance.com.


To apply, please complete and submit the application form: MOTivating Teens Volunteer Program Application

Applications will be accepted through Friday, May 3, 2024

This teen volunteer program is open to students currently enrolled in grades 9-12. In this program, teens will familiarize themselves with the museum’s exhibitions, mission, and collections, build professional skills, and gain experience in public speaking and educating as they learn to facilitate discussions in the Museum’s exhibition spaces.

Teen volunteers are asked to commit to the full 6-week program, which will take place Monday-Thursday from 10 AM – 2 PM, beginning Monday, June 24 and concluding on Thursday, August 1.** 

The program will conclude with a facilitated tour for friends and family on Thursday, August 1.  

Following successful participation in the program, teens may have the opportunity to volunteer at the Museum during the 2024-2025 academic year.  

** Please note that Thursday, July 4 is a federal holiday. Teen volunteers will not be asked to work on this day.

On a rolling basis, we also welcome Holocaust Survivors to share their testimony. If this is an interest, please email volunteer@museumoftolerance.com for more information.

 A successful MOT volunteer will demonstrate:

  • Dedication to the mission, goals and ideals of the MOT.
  • Respect for cultural diversity and a commitment to social justice.
  • Motivation to empower individuals to make a difference.
  • Enthusiasm for continual learning and training.
  • Reliability as a MOT volunteer.

Prior knowledge of or experience in the subject matters covered in the Museum of Tolerance is not required. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds.

MOT Volunteer Orientation Training

Volunteer Applications are accepted through the form linked above. Prospective candidates must participate in a personal interview, followed by reference checks. If accepted to our Volunteer Program, prospective volunteers are invited to attend the formal MOT Volunteer Orientation Training or to begin our Independent Volunteer Training Program.

Volunteer training is followed by a flexible Apprenticeship period designed to allow Volunteers to become comfortable with the MOT, its exhibits and the various Volunteer opportunities, and to become certified before beginning active volunteer service.

The eight-week formal Volunteer Orientation Training includes:

  • An introduction to the MOT mission & goals
  • Visitor Service workshops
  • Museum Education methodology
  • MOT exhibit information and training
  • Workshops on MOT content and skills with internal subject matter experts
  • Logistics of Museum flow

MOT Independent Volunteer Training (IVT) Program

The MOT Independent Volunteer Training Program (IVT) is designed to offer greater flexibility for prospective volunteers who are unable to attend the formal classes, due to school or work schedule conflicts. Prospective volunteers commit to a regular day and time each week that works with their schedule to conduct their training.

The Independent Volunteer Training Program includes three levels of training, with a syllabus to guide the prospective volunteer in exploring the various exhibits and historical content of the Museum at their own pace, and it includes a journaling component.

  • Level One: Mandatory Training- Introduction to the Museum and its exhibits; Independent Museum Discovery Journal
  • Level Two: Logistics/ Exhibit Assistant Training
  • Level Three: Continuing Education/ Docent Preparation

The MOT also offers update exhibit training and skills workshops for all Volunteers throughout the year.