Hear and Meet a Holocaust Survivor

For over three decades, Holocaust survivors have volunteered their time at the Museum of Tolerance to speak about their experiences during World War II. Over 50,000 visitors per year meet and hear a Holocaust Survivor. These survivors have been the most effective ambassadors of memory, hope, and tolerance.

The Museum of Tolerance is proud to offer live Holocaust survivor talks via ZOOM every Wednesday at 1:00pm Pacific Time and IN-PERSON at the Museum of Tolerance every Sunday at 1:00pm (included with admission)


Wednesday, March 29nd, 2023

Dr. Raul Artal Mittlemark

Born: Bershad, Transnistria, Ukraine

Holocaust experience: Born and hidden in labor camp in the Ukraine for one year, often with a pillow over his head to muffle his cries.

“As a Holocaust Survivor, it is my duty above all to remind future generations of the past and the sanctity of life.”

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Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Gabriella Karin

Born: Bratislava, Slovakia

Holocaust experience: Hidden in a convent for three years as a Christian girl; hidden by Righteous Gentile Karol Blanar in an apartment in Bratislava.

"Everything can be taken away from you, but nobody can take away what you have in your head."


MOT Survivor Testimonies

MIKE POPIK - May 11, 1930 - June 29, 2019

SOL BERGER - October 28, 1919 - October 3, 2016

BELLA FRIEDMAN - Nov. 18, 1925-Feb. 16, 2013

While Mike, Sol and Bella are no longer with us, there are many Holocaust survivors who speak regularly at the MOT who are happy to answer your questions. Please use the box to the below.


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"WITNESS TO TRUTH" - A Tribute To Our Holocaust Survivors

Photographs by Marissa Roth
The photographs included in the banner above are part of a loving tribute to our Holocaust Survivors. The MOT commissioned Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Marissa Roth to photograph each of these extraordinary people for our permanent exhibit “Witness to Truth." The portraits hang in a place of prominence on the ramp that descends from the MOT lobby to the Main Exhibit level of the museum. These Holocaust Survivors are volunteers some of whom have spoken at and some who continue speaking at the MOT. A number of Survivors have passed since these photographs were taken.