Our Approach

About Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement

Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement is a professional development program which aims to assist law enforcement professionals, as front line service providers, explore the evolving role of law enforcement in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse and complex society. It has been specifically designed to confront contemporary issues within the law enforcement community and to assist law enforcement professionals in their continuing effort to enhance skills in delivering a more effective level of service to the communities they are pledged to serve.

Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement courses examine the process of building trust and respect, and challenges participants to enhance their critical thinking skills in the areas of diversity, ethics, and values. By utilizing a variety of adult learning modalities including interactive technology, personal testimonies, video presentations, and small group discussions, the programs present an educational experience created to engage participants on many levels. Presentations are inclusive, geared toward both uniformed and civilian personnel in all law enforcement specialties and at every level from recruit to commander.

Unique Opportunity
Tools for Tolerance® programs range from a day-long to four-day sessions.  Training courses utilize the evocative, state-of-the art exhibits of the Museum of Tolerance or the New York Tolerance Center – social laboratories designed to challenge visitors to confront personal biases and prejudice, and to promote awareness about tolerance issues.  Participants engage in discussions around diversity, personal values, and responsibility as they apply to the workplace and beyond.

Safe Space
Interactive trainings are designed to engage professionals in a space outside of the traditional law enforcement classroom.  Skilled law enforcement and civilian facilitators create a safe space that encourages openness and probing discussions through question-oriented critical dialogue.

New Perspectives
Law enforcement professionals are challenged to expand their tactical expertise into a broader format encompassing the role of a problem solver, mediator, and overall change agent to improve a community’s quality of life.

Innovative Technologies
Technology allows us to extend adult learning modalities to engage participants in candid discussion. Anonymous polling equipment and illustrative graphic displays enables students to honestly share their opinions and also reveals the larger group attitudes.

Participants are exposed to the extensive research of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and receive research materials that both complement and expand upon course content.