Law Enforcement Partnership with Schools

The Law Enforcement Partnerships with Schools (LPS) is an advanced initiative of Tools for Tolerance® for Professionals that brings key community stakeholders together to develop strategic coalitions for building inclusive and safe school communities.

Participants in the LPS program experience a powerful stimulus towards fresh thinking while encouraged to draw on their own collective professional experience. In this retreat, education and law enforcement professionals are provided an opportunity to create solutions, together.

The program is designed to advance understanding and collaboration between law enforcement and education professionals, including classified staff. Participants are encouraged to examine their evolving professional roles and to recognize overlapping responsibilities in addressing pressing issues in their schools and neighborhoods. The program stimulates intense interaction that results in building mutual support and appreciation for the demands and challenges each face.

Program Outcomes:
1. Personal discovery and professional growth
2. Practical, solution-oriented approaches
3. Capacity building for conflict resolution and collaboration in the classroom, the school campus and beyond
4. Improved professional interactions

Length of Training: Multi day
Maximum Seating: 25 per session

Please contact us at (310) 772-7616 or via e-mail for more information.

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