Lead By Greatness at the MOT

  • What makes some leaders able to do so much more with so much less?
  • What makes some leaders able to recruit, retain and succeed with the new generation?
  • What makes some leaders able to smoothly navigate the most turbulent of local and global circumstances?

The MOT in partnership with Lapin International, Inc., brings you a wealth of wisdom in a proven leadership system.

David Lapin's Lead by GreatnessTM Program
Giving you the power to bring out the very best in your people

In this two-day program you will learn the seven principles of leadership success:

  • How to achieve much more with much less
  • How to attract and motivate the New Generation
  • How to inspire your diverse team using the The Culture ModelTM
  • Find your own Spiritual FingerprintTM and use it to bring your organization's proudest mission to life<
  • Learn how to erase conflict, turf wars and office politics
  • How to have hard conversations that result in change
  • The three tactics for managing upwards, downwards and sideways.

From keynote addresses to customized full day or three day retreats join us for a life altering experience at the Museum of Tolerance as we offer practical solutions to real world challenges and inspire you to become as great as the leaders you most admire and aspire to be.


About David Lapin

David Lapin's work is like an unimaginably potent combination of the best of Tom Peters "In Search of Excellence" meets the best of Eckart Tolle's "New Earth." David Lapin is a man of the world and a scholar of unparalleled prestige.

A household name in his native South Africa and across Europe he has also been a force in the United States, shaping the new way that leaders must lead in the new world that is NOW.

Owner of two companies over 17 years, David Lapin has inspired thousands of enthusiastic and distinguished audiences all around the globe.

His prestigious US consulting firm Lapin International and the Lapin International Leadership Institute, work with some of America's and the world's finest companies including GE, PCI Gaming and Rand Merchant Bank just to name a few.

As a media personality he has appeared in hundreds of publications and on radio and television from coast to coast, as well as internationally.

His latest book Lead by Greatness -- is due out next year and is predicted to be a landmark work and brilliant blending of the spirit and the practical in business.

In this lead by greatness program he introduces us to the very core of what it means to be truly human, truly brilliant and truly GREAT.

Most of all, David Lapin, strives to bring out the truly great leader in all of us.

About Lapin International

Lapin International is a leadership consulting company that customizes solutions to optimize our clients' most immediate opportunities, resolve their most urgent challenges and create unassailable competitive advantage. We work with organizations to leverage human energy and innovation into quick, visible and lasting financial value.