Dynamics of Discrimination- Then and Now

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Para Todos Los Ninos

Mendez v. Westminster School District et al, produced by Orange County Human Relations

Learn the little known history of this landmark case that ultimately ended segregation in California.

Lesson Plans:

Para Todos Los Ninos

Most people have heard of Brown v.Board of Education, the historic 1954 Supreme Court ruling that officially ended segregation in public schools.What students usually don’t know, though, is that pre-dating Brown, there was the 1947 Mendez v.Westminster School District, a case where a Mexican-American family fought to integrate schools in California.This large research project facilitates students delving deeply into how systemic segregation was in the mid-20th century and highlights the key role Latinos have played, together with African-Americans, in the continuing battles for civil rights for all Americans. Students will apply what they’ve learned to today’s education system.


Lesson Plan Hand-out 1: Segregation Today Hand-out 2: Segregation Today in California Hand-out 3: Research Assignment  

Crossing the Line: High School Race Relations and Conflict Resolution

The “Crossing The Line” comic strip is featured in the Museum of Tolerance near the Point of View Diner exhibit.Dealing with inter-group relations, it is a sad story with an unresolved ending of violence and scapegoating. Students will create a new ending for the “Crossing The Line” comic strip illustrating a peaceful resolution to the inter-group conflict utilizing King’s Six Principles of Nonviolence. Students will take away enduring understandings such as changing demographics in our cities can cause conflict and is also a major component of making our cities rich and diverse place to live. Also, principles of nonviolence are applicable to our everyday lives.


Lesson Plan Hand-out 1: Crossing the Line Comic Hand-out 2: Comic Strip Templates