SEL Support for Holiday and Pandemic Blues

The holiday season isn't automatically a joyous time for everyone. This year with the situation of the pandemic, the holidays may dredge up sadness, difficult feelings and a sense of isolation or disappointment in our students, our colleagues, and ourselves. Right now every child has some level of trauma because of the coronavirus and needs extra support and compassion. Join Dr. Aliah MaJon for a workshop that provides an overview of Social and Emotional Learning [SEL] content which teaches us that relationship is key. Learn the impact of “Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)”, the ACE score, and the fundamentals of trauma. Walk away with new clarity for addressing the ‘holiday blues’ and three promising strategies to support students in inventing new ways of having fun and being spontaneous. The session will also make space for everyone to feel seen and heard.

“Trauma gives us an opportunity to explore new things”- Dr. Aliah MaJon

Upcoming Open Enrollment Session Dates:

  • December 15, 2020 at 3:30 - 5:00 PM REGISTER

Dr. Aliah MaJon is the Founder of the Next 50 Years Project, which was created to finish what the Civil Right Movement left undone. She is known as a pioneer of new methods for “Racial Healing”, and her approach is rooted in Truth & Reconciliation models & Restorative Practices. Dr. Aliah also serves as an Educational Consultant & Training-Facilitator who specializes in Trauma-Sensitive Schools and Educational Equity. She began her long career as a Diversity Trainer in 1995, and is currently the Chief Inclusion Officer (CIO) for The Shift Network, a premiere Personal Development company that is newly focused on becoming an industry leader in Racial Justice and Societal Change. Lastly, Dr. Aliah has been a valued member of the Museum of Tolerance team for over five years, and she sees herself as an Evolutionary Leader.