SEL Learning Laboratory:


All sessions via Zoom


Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is about the ‘practical application’ of the mindsets, culture and tools, as opposed to merely having an understanding of the theoretical framework. In other words, that it is important to explore, practice, adapt and refine the methodologies by trying them on for size and constantly creating new ways to use the guidance that these sessions will provide. That’s why we call it a laboratory!

Session 1: Where To Start Why SEL?
Wednesday August 31: 3:30 – 4:45pm

Setting the stage for success. Self-Care is in the package… Creating an ‘environment’ for SEL is fundamental. This session offers information about achieving ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders and what’s required to successfully undertake a process of resetting the culture to make it conducive to SEL. A key feature will be the drafting of a Vision/Mission Statement as well as ideas for collective agreements and protocols to be used in classrooms and throughout school. Also, SEL is not just about students, success must include attention to ‘Self-Care’ for Educators. There will be an emphasis on ‘mindfulness’ and useful take-a-ways to alleviate or address stress.

Session 2: SEL & the Secret Language of Equity™
Wednesday, September 7: 3:30 – 4:45pm

Equity is about seeing students as individuals and utilizing an "I see you" approach… The primary goal of this module is to equip Educators with tools that establish relationships and build trust with students, including helping them to manage their emotions more effectively. This session specifically shines a light on the connection between Educational Equity and SEL and draws from Dr. Aliah’s Secret Language of Equity™ curriculum with its companion video library. A bonus aspect of this session is several tips for navigating problematic student behaviors and an asynchronous opportunity.

Session 3: It's OK To Talk: An Intentional Practice for SEL
Wednesday, September 21: 3:30 – 4:45pm

This series takes a learn-by-doing approach; therefore, this module was designed for participants to experience and unpack the value of SEL’s ‘Circle Practice’… A key component of SEL is to normalize talking about feelings and creating the space for deep sharing, truth-telling, and growing genuine trust. Circle Practice is not new, it is akin to Restorative Justice Circles, Morning Meetings, Talking Circles and various other methods for people to build safety together and be invited to open up. However, in today’s world with COVID, natural disasters, violence in the news and threats becoming commonplace, this tool is needed more than ever. Everyone will benefit from this intentional SEL practice that puts forth “It’s OK to talk” – and listen.

Session 4: Expanding your SEL Toolkit
Wednesday, September 28: 3:30 – 4:45pm

Almost every Educator has heard about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by now, and we are being asked the same question again and again: “Where can I get the best tools to implement SEL?” Of course, the answer to that question will depend on the students’ ages and other pertinent factors. In this session participants will not only be introduced to the most popular SEL resources, but you will also get to make up your own tools based on what you wish to accomplish and/or what is most relevant. Dr. Aliah will also show you some out-of-the-box SEL pathways she recommends like the use of Spoken Word Poetry and the creation of Art Projects that promote healing. Also, because ‘Play’ helps students to build social awareness, it too is a valuable SEL tool… This module will be fun and very creative!

About Dr. Aliah Majon:

Dr. Aliah is the Founder of the Next 50 Years Project, which was created to finish what the Civil Right Movement left undone. She is known as a pioneer of new methods for “Racial Healing”, and her approach is rooted in Truth & Reconciliation models & Restorative Practices. She began her career as a Diversity Trainer in 1995, and worked as the Chief Inclusion Officer (CIO) for The Shift Network, a premiere Personal Development company and industry leader in Racial Justice and Societal Change. Dr. Aliah serves as an Educational Consultant & Training-Facilitator who specializes in Trauma-Sensitive Schools and Educational Equity.