Tools for Tolerance® for Teens

Tools for Tolerance® for Teens is a six-hour customized program that educates about the dynamics of discrimination in historical and contemporary contexts and empowers students to create respectful and inclusive communities. The program is geared for 7th - 12th grade students. The experience consists of an age-appropriate guided museum experience to explore themes such as the power of words and images, lessons from history, anti-Semitism, personal responsibility and 'making a difference'.  

Every experience is designed to support and advance the goals of the group and includes:

  • Focused workshop 
    Participants engage in a workshop tailored to their needs, such as bullying prevention, cultural awareness or youth leadership. This session aims to provide them with valuable skills and insights. 

  • Guided Museum experience  
    Participants embark on a guided tour of our exhibits, exploring themes such as the power of words, lessons from history and the journey from bystander to ally. This interactive experience encourages critical thinking and empathy.
  • Lunch 
  • Personal testimony session 
    An intimate session where a Holocaust survivor shares their personal story, offering a firsthand account of history and its enduring lessons. 
  • Facilitated group dialogue 
    Participants come together for a facilitated discussion, sharing their thoughts and emotions sparked by the workshop, museum experience, and survivor testimony. This dialogue fosters empathy, understanding, and connection among the group. 
  • Personal reflection and journaling 
    Participants have time for personal reflection and journaling using the Museum of Tolerance youth journal. This activity encourages introspection and helps solidify the lessons learned throughout the day.  

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