Jonny Moser

Nisko: The First Experiment in Deportation

Wolfgang Scheffler

The Forgotten Part of the "Final Solution": The Liquidation of the Ghettos

C. Gwyn Moser

Jewish U-Boote in Austria, 1938-1945

Henry Friedlander /
Earlean M. McCarrick

Nazi Criminals in the United States: The Fedorenko Case

Guy Stern

The Burning of the Books in Nazi Germany, 1933: The American Response

Karen J. Greenberg

The Search for the Silver Lining: The American Academic Establishment and the "Aryanization" of German Scholarship

John Ellis
van Courtland Moon

Pressing at the Limits: The Challenge of the Hebrew Committee of National Liberation to Chemical Warfare Policy

Joel J. Forman

Holocaust Numismatics


Ruth K. Angress

Discussing Holocaust Literature

David S. Wyman

Refugees and Survivors: Reception in the New World

Michael H. Kater

Understanding the SS Imperium

Michael H. Kater

How Popular was the Third Reich?

Laszlo Varga

Jewish Fate in Hungary

Jonathan Helfand

Precious Legacy or Tragic Heritage?

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