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Bridging the Gap:

The Museum of Tolerance is pleased to offer the opportunity to experience one of our Special Speakers from anywhere in the world through our Bridging the Gap program. Using video-conferencing technology, our Special Speakers share their powerful stories with groups who may be unable to visit the museum. Speakers generally present their lecture for approximately 1 hour and allow additional time for questions and answers. Please note that these lectures are appropriate for students in grades 5 and above and will be adapted according to the students’ grade level.

We offer the following Special Speaker programs:

  • Holocaust Survivors: These quiet heroes of humanity describe their unique story of surviving the Holocaust. For more information on these survivors, please visit our Special Speakers page.
  • From the Depths of Hate: Tim Zaal reveals his experiences as a member of the White Supremacy movement and encourages students to take responsibility for their actions. Please visit the Special Speakers page to learn more about Zaal’s lecture.

To arrange for a Special Speaker to speak to your students through video-conferencing technology, please call 310-772-2503.

Student Conferences:

The Museum of Tolerance has video-conference rooms of various sizes and is pleased to partner with local organizations to connect students within the U.S. or around the world. We have hosted interactive workshops between students in Los Angeles and New York, Safe Schools Conferences with speakers piped in from Washington, D.C., and Youth Congresses, connecting students in five U.S. Cities to dialogue and work together to create a Proclamation for Peace.

In 2008, the MOT partnered with LAUSD to connect Los Angeles students with peers in Baku, Azerbaijan, and with the Constitutional Rights Foundation to connect local students with youths in Russia and Lithuania.

To find out more about a Video-Conference program for your students, please call 310-772-2502.

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