Tibor Roth

Born February, 1939 - Satu-Mare, Rumania

Tibor, the son of Simon and Lenke (Rosenfeld) Roth, was born in February, 1939 in Satu-Mare, Rumania. An only child, Tibor was born 22 years after his parents were married. His birth was greeted with much jubilation. Tibor's father was a wine merchant, and provided his family with a comfortable life. Tibor was a member of a large, warm, extended family.

Tibor was a charming little boy, and all of his family's friends and relatives felt that he was extremely bright for his age. His parents adored him.

In 1940, Hungary occupied the part of Rumania where Tibor lived. The Jews of Satu-Mare ("Szatmar" under Hungarian rule) coped with the various anti-Jewish measures passed by the Hungarians. They suffered economic difficulties, but life went on. Very few Jews believed that their lives were actually in danger.

In March 1944, Germany invaded Hungary. In May of that year, the Germans forced Tibor and his family, along with all the other Jews of Satu-Mare, into a sealed-off ghetto.

Deportations to the death camps began almost immediately. Tibor and his family were transported to the Auschwitz death camp at the end of May 1944. Immediately upon arrival, Tibor was murdered in the gas chambers.

Tibor was five and a half years old.

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