Young Reader Award (Ages 6-11)

Surfer of the Century

Written by Ellie Crowe

Growing up in Honolulu with the Pacific Ocean as his backyard, Duke Kahanamoku learned to swim and surf at a young age. By his early twenties, Duke's lighting fast swimming won him a place on the 1912 United States Olympic Team and gold medal in the 100 meter free style race. Over the years Duke straggled with racism and financial troubles, but by the end of his twenty year Olympic career, he was a six-time medal winner. Although a swimming champion, Duke's passion was surfing. He traveled the world, introducing surfboarding to Australia and the United States. Considered the father of modern surfing, Duke spread his love of the ocean and Hawaii wherever he went. Duke was beloved for his modesty, sportsmanshp, and amazing skill in the water. He remains a legendary waterman and an inspiration to all to live life with aloha.

Older Reader Award (Ages 11+)

Jeannette Rankin

Written by Gretchen Woelfle

The first Congresswoman in US history. Jeannette Rankin, born on the Montana frontier in 1880, lived long enough to speak her mind on national television in the 1970s. She said yes to peace when most people wanted war. She worked for social justice for workers, families, and children when most lawmakers ignored these issues.

Author Gretchen Woelfe has collected photographs, newpaper clippings, historical documents and even hate mail to tell the remarkable story of a woman who played a dramatic part in many important moments of twentieth-century American history.

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