The Angel of Bergen-Belsen

By Luba Tryszynska-Frederick, as told to Michelle R. McCann and illustrated by Ann Marshall

Luba: The Angel Of Bergen-Belsen recounts the remarkable true story of Luba Tryszynska, a Jewish prisoner and nurse at the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp who turned the devastation of her child’s death at the hands of the Nazis into a fearless determination, ultimately saving the lives of 54 children who had been abandoned and left for dead behind the camp.

Through a combination of ingenuity, bribery and sheer willpower, Luba managed, against enormous odds and facing certain execution, to conceal the children in her barracks for months until the camp’s liberation in April 1945. By that time, more than thirty-five thousand Jews, including Anne Frank, had perished in Bergen-Belsen.

Thanks to Luba’s heroic efforts, 52 of the 54 hidden children survived.

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