Virtual Programs for Youth

While we stay safe at home, bring the Museum of Tolerance into your virtual classroom!

We offer the following LIVE Zoom (or other platform) interactive workshops and presentations which you can book for FREE on a date/time of your choice for groups of 25 (min.).  

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Interactive Workshops:

Anne Frank: A Fascinating Look at the Real Anne

Your students will experience a virtual exploration of the dynamic Museum of Tolerance exhibit, Anne, to discover her story through carefully curated research that challenges many popular assumptions.The session will shed light on Anne's family background and reveal little known details of Anne's childhood, as shared in personal testimony by her last remaining relative, cousin Buddy Elias, exclusively for the MOT. We will debunk some of the myths about Anne, and challenge the ways in which her story has been misappropriated or misunderstood. We will also examine rare artifacts and discover fascinating connections between Anne Frank and the U.S. The session goes on to address the period after the arrest, imprisonment and deportation of the Frank family and those in hiding with them.

Students will be inspired, anew, by the legacy and lessons of her writing and indomitable voice.

The FREE workshop is 60 minutes and is delivered via Zoom or other platforms by one of our trained facilitators.The session includes video-testimonies, rare digital artifacts, interactive discussion and fillable activity sheets.

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Combat Hate!

COMBAT HATE! A Digital Empowerment Workshop is a dynamic, FREE virtual experience that engages students in critical thinking for decoding and rejecting online hate. As an online safety curriculum aligned with ISTE digital citizenship standards, it is based on foundational media literacy skills and examples compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Research Department. The workshop ends using an action planning worksheet which all students keep and share for ongoing use.

The workshop is 50 minutes and is delivered via Zoom or other platforms by one of our trained facilitators.The session includes online polling, interactive discussion and fillable activity sheets.

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Youth Voices and Resistance

In Holocaust education, students resonate especially with modules that examine the Holocaust through the lenses and voices of other children. As the Holocaust's most tragic victims, children were also resilient resisters. This 60 minute module led by a skilled MOT Youth Educator offers an interactive investigation of the precious artifact "The Bella Letter." More than a close reading, students will analyze for information and learn about the poignant true story of the secret teenage "Jewish Students Group" in Brussels, and Bella's tragic fate.

This 60 minute module features digital artifacts, interactive activities, and take-home materials.

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Special Speakers:

Holocaust Survivor Personal Testimony

The Museum of Tolerance offer its FREE "Bridging the Gap" program to connect students virtually with Holocaust Survivors to hear their stories first-hand and bring history to life. To hear a Survivor story is to become a witness to history. This is an unforgettable experience of which we are in the last years. Students (middle and high school) praise it as a highlight of their school year. The session is 60 minutes and is delivered via Zoom, administered by one of our staff members. Survivor speakers share photos and artifacts online, and ensure time for Q&A.

To request a Holocaust Survivor for your virtual classroom, apply here

From the Depths of Hate: Personal Testimony

Tim Zaal has been speaking about his experiences for over 15 years, with special emphasis on connecting with young people to help them identify and reject hate. In this powerful FREE seminar for high school students, Tim shares an in-depth look at his life as a former White Supremacist. He describes his induction into the White Supremacy movement, his departure and transition, and the process of reconciliation with one of his former victims.

The session is 60-90 minutes (depending on class time) and is delivered via Zoom. Tim joins us live and, with the help of a facilitator, answers your questions in a Q&A. Tim shares photos, power-point slides, and a short video.

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Lessons from Little Rock: Dr. Terrence Roberts

Let your students meet an icon of the civil rights movement, Congressional Gold Medal Award winner, Dr. Terrence Roberts. As one of the Little Rock Nine, he shares his experiences of the 1957 attempted desegregation of Central High School, and his wisdom for promoting social responsibility today.

This 60 minute session starts with a 10 minute video to set the context and then Dr. Roberts joins LIVE to tell stories and do a Q&A with your students about this seminal time in U.S. history.

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