Presented by The Sikh Coalition
A Special Exhibition at the MOT

Sikh: Turban and Identity by Amit and Naroop

September 11 - November 3, 2019
Museum of Tolerance
9786 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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Introduction & Background

The turban is an integral part of the Sikh identity. Historically, the turban was worn by royalty and the rich in South Asia. The turban, as an article of faith in Sikhism, is a public declaration of sovereignty and equality of all people. Not only beautiful, the turban represents distinction, tolerance and justice.

The Sikh Project is a celebration of this identity.

Sikhs have been a vital part of the American fabric for over 125 years. The 38 new portraits (28 for the MOT exhibition) captured in this exhibition embody the beauty and diversity of the community and recognize the challenges and triumphs of what it means to be Sikh in America.

The project, first conceived by British photographers, Amit and Naroop, launched to critical acclaim in London in 2014. Their original project featured Sikh men of various backgrounds all adapting and interpreting Sikh traditions in their own ways.

In 2015, Amit and Naroop began a partnership with the Sikh Coalition to create a U.S. edition of the project. This version includes Singhs and Kaurs (men and women). The result is a collection of images that captures Amit and Naroop’s photographic style and the depth of the Sikh American experience.


About the Sikh Coalition

For 18 years, the Sikh Coalition has defended Sikh civil liberties in the courtroom, classroom, community and halls of Congress. Whether it’s working to secure safer schools, prevent hate and discrimination, create equal employment opportunities or empower local Sikh communities, the Sikh Coalition’s goal is working towards a world where Sikhs, and other religious minorities in America, may freely practice their faith without bias and discrimination. The Sikh Coalition is a national community-based organization with offices and staff in New York City, California (Bay Area and Los Angeles), Washington D.C. and Chicago with over one hundred volunteer community advocates working to protect Sikh civil rights across the United States.


About Amit & Naroop

Born into Sikh families and raised in Southall, West London, Amit and Naroop came together ten years ago while working on a photo shoot for an unsigned music artist. They continued working in music photography, developing their style and honing their craft, quickly building a name for themselves while shooting some of the industries biggest stars, including 50 Cent and Jay Sean. As time has passed, they have broadened their horizons, and their work has expanded to embrace advertising and portraiture, all interpreted with their characteristic passion and intense visual style. They have photographed campaigns for Barclays Bank, MTV, Huawei, Sunsilk and Wellmans. Through their photography, they aim to raise awareness on topics and issues about which they feel passionate.