Hope Lives Campaign

"Before I met [a Survivor] I thought heroes were Batman and Spiderman but now I know what a real hero is."
- Alana (5th Grader)

The MOT is the only place in the world that offers multiple daily Holocaust Survivor Speakers to audiences, as part of the Museum experience. Over 50,000 people per year meet and hear a survivor's live testimony. The impact is life changing.

Holocaust Survivor speakers provide visitors not only the ‘living proof' of the past, but the stark relevance of their stories today. They embody the human spirit that never fails to astonish and inspire. As thousands of thank you letters attest, these speakers are treasures in the city of Los Angeles and to all who meet them. But we are facing the last years of this precious opportunity. The MOT is undertaking the #HopeLives campaign to expand the number of people of all ages and backgrounds who will meet and hear a Holocaust Survivor in a live presentation - while we still can.

Help us double the number of people meeting Holocaust Survivors from 50,000 to 100,000 people per year.

The multifacted Holocaust Survivors Speaker program includes presentations to school field trip groups, special youth programs, public visitors, professional development programs, as well as off site at schools, community centers, military bases, colleges and universities, and for incarcerated populations. Skype programs connect Survivors with remote schools across the country and around the world. Devoted MOT staff coordinate transportation, nourishment, birthday celebrations, get well visits, social events and ongoing support for the distinct needs of this population.

Supporting this time sensitive campaign educates the next generation to learn from history. It also honors the Holocaust Survivors themselves with the knowledge that their stories are heard and their experiences will not be in vain. Hope lives.

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"In one hour you did what all teachers work a lifetime to achieve, and that is make a lasting impression on the future of America.” -High School Principal, Long Beach, CA