2014 POST Excellence in Training Award – Organizational Achievement

The Museum of Tolerance's acclaimed professional development program Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement is proud to be this year's recipient of the CA Peace Officers Standards and Training Excellence in Training Award for Organizational Achievement.

About the Award

The POST Excellence in Training Award annually recognizes truly outstanding law enforcement trainers. Previously known as the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Peace Officer Training, the awards for training excellence began in 1994. The Organizational Achievementcategory recognizes the achievements and contributions made by an organization dedicated to law enforcement training. The organization is one wherein training responsibilities and initiatives must have resulted in substantial   

contributions to public law enforcement and reflect a high degree of training effectiveness and service. Outstanding contributions may include, but are not limited to, innovative approaches in the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, or delivery of law enforcement training programs.

Winners are chosen based on their unique and innovative approach, the impact of their program and the reputation and recognition of the organization.

About Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement

The Tool for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement (TFTLE) Program is designed to equip law enforcement professionals with tools to deliver an effective level of service to their communities. TFTLE developed a unique emotive and cognitive approach by using cutting-edge technologies to augment traditional teaching methods. The state-of-the-art exhibitory nature of the Museum of Tolerance (MOT) engages participants in an in-depth exploration of the process of dehumanization during the Holocaust and other genocides, and an examination of historical and contemporary examples of intolerance, including hate vs. free speech, Civil Rights Movement, exploitation of women and children, and the plight of refugees. An anonymous voting mechanism allows participants to register honest opinions as a springboard for probing discussion. By utilizing a variety of learning methods including interactive technology, personal testimonies, and group discussion, TFTLE provides an educational experience that engages students on many levels. The program is inclusive and is geared toward uniformed and civilian personnel at every level (e.g., from recruits to Chief).Participants examine the process of building trust and respect and enhance their critical thinking skills in the areas of diversity, ethics, and values.