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Past Conversations

PURPLE: America, We Need To Talk

October 14, 2020 at 4 PM PT

In the midst of one of the most weighty and charged elections in our history and at a time of immense division in our country the Museum of Tolerance and Resetting the Table invite you to a special virtual screening of the new film PURPLE: America, We Need To Talk.

PURPLE tells the story of Americans with opposing viewpoints addressing their differences head-on and discovering the concerns and humanity that lie behind each other’s positions.

Join a spirited and interactive conversation with Liebe Geft, Director of the Museum of Tolerance and Melissa Weintraub, Founding Co-Executive Director of Resetting The Table.


Families United: Learning Together About Race and Racism

Live, Interactive, Family Watch-Party Series

August 3 - 5 , 2020

Come, let us reason together and learn to solve the puzzle of race and racism. From the scrolls of ancient prophets to the best thinkers of our current age, we are admonished to seek wisdom. Now is the time, now is the hour.”

- Dr. Terrence Roberts

We invite you to be part of this community conversation and unique thought journey, led by Dr. Terrence Roberts, one of the Little Rock Nine: icon, psychologist, university professor and valued longtime MOT consultant. The three sessions designed by Dr. Roberts are each devoted to an exploration of the Self: 1) as family member, 2) at the intersection with others, and 3) as committed learner in larger society. This multigenerational Zoom watch-party includes prompts for self-reflection, virtual history tours and videos, and hands-on tools you can use to navigate the daunting terrain of facing injustice. You will be joined in conversation with families of diverse backgrounds, races, and religions to reflect, relate, and connect. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Guest historian, Dr. Kenya Davis-Hayes, will explore the history of racism in America and we will share valuable resources to expand our learning.

Come with curiosity. Come with compassion. And, “Come, let us reason together…”


Actions in Solidarity: Courageous Conversations to Promote Understanding and Justice

June 23 (6 - 8 PM PST) and June 26 (2 - 4 PM PST)

Join us for MOT Community Conversations, an opportunity to come together for crucial conversations about persisting injustices and current social events. This forum, led by professional facilitators, provides space to process both thoughts and emotions. We allow brave space to examine why injustices persist. 
Dialogues are participatory. 

We gather to hear and to be heard - to support our community - and to inspire change.

Principal Facilitator: Diane Burbie

Diane Burbie, owner and Managing Principal of The ASPIRE Groupm is an experienced facilitator/trainer who has worked with a myriad of audiences across the country on the subjects of cultural diversity, inclusion, leadership, strategic planning, team building, conflict resolution, sexual harassment prevention, and organizational communication. Ms. Burbie designs and facilitates group processes that create safe places for honest engagement and exploration of difficult issues. Diane holds BA from Stanford University in Psychology and African-American Studies, MBA from the University of Southern California and certificates in Negotiation, from Harvard University Law School, and Managing Multicultural Work Environments from California State University Fullerton.v