Social Lab

History’s lessons tested against the challenges facing the 21st century.

When visitors leave the first half of the main museum, A People’s Journey, they will then enter the Social Lab, the second half of its main exhibition. The Social Lab is designed to help visitors explore issues facing Israel and the world.

The Social Lab features cutting-edge, interactive exhibits highlighting issues of the day such as anti-Semitic hate, racism and bigotry, extremism, terrorism, illegal immigration, eco-terrorism, the global refugee crisis, climate change, economic inequity, the role of religion in society, hate speech, the influence of social media, coexistence and gender equality.  

The Social Lab will also showcase how the people of Israel and innovations being produced in the “Start-up Nation” are not only addressing many of the world’s problems, but creating a better future. The Social Lab will encourage those visiting the MOTJ to consider their role in making the world a better place. Dynamic interactive exhibits and films along with the Museum’s unique MyMOT handheld device will make this an unforgettable experience.


Two Main Museum Exhibitions: A People’s Journey & Social Lab

Point of View Café
Personal Responsibility is emphasized as groups gather to discuss and debate the critical issues of the day.

The World News
Breaking news from around the globe is provided in an interactive setting designed to engage visitors on the top stories of the day, thereby keeping the Social Lab current and cutting-edge.

Meet Your Neighbor
An innovative interactive experience where people are given the opportunity to rethink their prejudices.

The Forum
Recognized experts host discussions tackling pressing issues faced by society today, including anti-Semitism, extremism, climate change, the role of religion in society, terrorism and coexistence. At the end of the experience, participants interview the expert, vote on the issues presented, and express their views. Real time statistics on these topics will be presented to visitors.

Global Crisis Room
Visitors are faced with a potential crisis situation affecting the world such as eco-terrorism, refugees flooding the border of their country, or a tyrant who has access to nuclear weapons.  Through group dynamics and collaboration, visitors become the experts and vote on how to best solve the crisis.  

Laughter: Our Secret to Survival
In addition to their values, how did the Jewish people survive centuries of anti-Semitism, bigotry and hate? Jews have learned to laugh and dream of better times. Humor lightened their burdens, inspired hope, connected them to others and kept them grounded. Some of America and the world’s funniest comedians and comedic minds provide the finale in the Social Lab, leaving visitors uplifted, as they commit to do their own part to improve the world.

Internationally-renowned personalities from the world of film, TV and other arenas will narrate many of the Social Lab’s films, documentaries and interactives. The MyMOT device will allow each visitor to individualize his or her experience in the Social Lab.