A People's Journey

Throughout A People’s Journey, visitors will be able to enhance their experience and discover more on their own through MyMOT, a unique handheld device. To meet the needs of visitors from around the world, A People’s Journey will also be translated into multiple languages, including English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.

Some of the best-known names from the world of film and television will narrate the films and interactives in each of the 7 pavilions.

Faith Pavilion

From a Chasidic tisch to the joy of Jewish celebrations, weddings and holidays, visitors will become immersed in the totality of Jewish life. It also examines how Judaism and other religions maintain faith in the face of oppression and personal adversity.

Scholarship Pavilion

Museumgoers will encounter the renowned 14th century scholar, philosopher and physician Maimonides, who makes a surprise visit to speak to 21st century visitors in a dynamic Hologram theater. This will be followed by the interactive exhibit, “Chat with the Great Thinkers” of the last century.

Standing Up to Evil Pavilion

The stories of courageous men and women such as Raoul Wallenberg, Natan Sharansky and Malala Yousafzai highlight the value of confronting evil during the most difficult of times.

Deeds Not Words Pavilion

Tells the story of Theodore Herzl, who inspired the creation of the Jewish State, as well as others who devoted their lives to the betterment of mankind and changed the course of history.

Areivut Pavilion

The concept of “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” is showcased through heroes and the tradition of shared responsibility and concern for others, not only in their own communities, but throughout the world.

Respect for Humanity Pavilion

The bettering of the human condition through the value of respecting humanity is told through the life stories of people who make significant contributions like Dr. Jonas Salk, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa.

Return to Zion Pavilion

The 2,000-year yearning for Zion is captured in dramatic moments and stories of the key players who made the creation of the State of Israel possible.