Cultural Diversity and Leadership Series

The Museum of Tolerance is pleased to offer a three-day cultural diversity course for law enforcement personnel.  This core law enforcement program is designed to explore the evolving role of law enforcement in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse society. Participants are introduced to new models, including Soldier to Educator, through which to view issues of diversity and to hone ethical decision-making skills.  Since 1996, over 60,000 members of law enforcement have participated in this program from the recruit to command level.

Day One
Curriculum includes:
1. Examine issue of stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination in a historical and contemporary context using the Museum of Tolerances interactive exhibits.
2. Personal Testimony
3. Changing Role of Law Enforcement Workshop – From Soldier to Educator
     a. The Protection Principle
     b. Control Model
     c. Definition of Terms
     d. Values-Ethics Gap

Day Two
Curriculum includes:
1. The Case for Trust: Policing diverse communities requires high levels of trust across boundaries of cultures and religion.
2. Role of Professionalism
3. Redefining Professionalism and Integrity
4. Three Culture Model
5. Communicating, Demonstrating Respect, and Negotiating Amidst Diversity
6. Perspectives on Profiling

Day Three
Curriculum includes:
1. Identifying Structural and Personal Challenges
2. Balancing The Need:  Maintaining strong relationship with subordinates  and representing senior management
3. Identifying the Missing Link
4. Crisis Survival
5. Defining Leadership
6. Building Character to Improve Effectiveness
7. Role of Popularity
8. Managing Challenge
9. Constructive Discipline
10. Role of Self-value
11. Reluctance and Avoidance
12. The Chain of Trust
13. Implementing the Leadership Model: Action

Please contact us at (310) 772-7620 or via e-mail for details.

Dates Available 2011 - 2012 - NEW DATES WILL BE ANOUNCED SHORTLY

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Please use the link below to register online or download the registration form here.

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