The Museum of Tolerance invites you to the West Coast Premiere of the new film

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 7:30 PM PT

At the Museum of Tolerance 9786 West Pico Boulevard

Best Documentary Feature: Chicago Indie Film Award Best Director: Euro Film Festival Geneva


The Neiger family was living a peaceful life in the Jewish community in Krakow when the arrival of World War II changed their lives forever. When Nazi soldiers forced the family from their home into the harsh life of the Ghetto, they made a vow to escape as a family. But when circumstances forced the family to separate from older brother Ben, their will to survive was put to the test.

Q & A with Director, John Rokosny and Producer, Andriette Redmann and from the film, Tosia McCormick, moderated by Museum of Tolerance Director, Liebe Geft.

This premiere screening is offered without charge but reservations are required.

Please be considerate of our residential neighbors and make every effort to avoid driving through single-family residential neighborhood streets.

Or, you may call the Advanced Ticket Desk at 310-772-2505 to secure your advanced ticket purchase.

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