The Museum of Tolerance invites you to commemorate D-Day with the virtual world premier of the film:


Sunday, June 6, 2021 │4:00 PM PT │ 7:00 PM ET

Watch the recording of the Q&A:

As a young boy, Walter Bodlander fled his home in Germany after the murder of his cousin by the Gestapo. This would begin his journey that included stops in Switzerland, France, the British Mandate for Palestine, and eventually the United States. He enlisted in the US Army and underwent top secret training as a battlefield interrogator. He was going back to fight the Nazis.

On June 6, 1944, he was one of the first on the Beach in Normandy for the D-day invasion. He spent time with celebrated writer Ernest Hemingway, was at Dachau the day it was liberated, and oversaw the surrender of two German Divisions.

This is Walter’s story.

Following the screening, Director of the Museum of Tolerance, Liebe Geft, engages in conversation with director of The Red Scarf, Nigel Bellis.

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