In the holiday spirit, the MOT is pleased to present two delightful, award winning short films:

Tuesday, December 15, 2020  6:30 PM PT

Hosted by Museum of Tolerance Director, Liebe Geft

MAKING THE CASE: A Short Film about a Judge and Her Bags In Making the Case, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for whom legal arguments were daily currency, examines her handbags, revealing a corner of the mind that argued and won historic cases.

Q & A with filmmaker Jennifer Callahan.

EDDY'S WORLD: A portrait of a 98 year old working toy inventor. Best known for the iconic "chattering teeth" and 800 classic toys, he shares his passion for creativity and his philosophies of life and aging. Eddy lives in a retirement community and we follow him through his daily routine - working on new models in his garage machine shop, writing short stories on his computer, creating translucent lithophane portraits with his new 3D printer., walking and exercising. Eddy began designing toys on the Batfish Submarine during World War II. He is an endearing story teller who believes that optimism and new ideas keep him young and healthy.

Q & A with filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb and her father and subject of the film, Eddy Goldfarb.


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