On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 7:00pm PT New Yorker Documentaries, POV Shorts, and the Museum of Tolerance presented a special virtual screening of the new film:


🏆 WINNER: Palm Springs International ShortsFest | Audience Award for Best Documentary Short

🏆 WINNER: Palm Springs International ShortsFest | Mozaik “Bridging the Borders” Award

🏆 WINNER: Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival | Jury Award for Best Editing

🏆 WINNER: RiverRun Film Festival | Jury Award for Best Documentary Short

🏆 WINNER: Salem Film Festival | Jury Award for Best Documentary Short

When Mohamad Hafez received a single-entry visa to study architecture in the United States, he realized if he couldn't return home to Syria, he could make home. A skilled architectural model-maker, he spent his years in exile sculpting life-like renditions of his Damascus neighborhood. When the civil war broke out and his parents fled to the United States as refugees, Mohamad's bottled-up frustration erupted on his models. In a fit of mania, he broke his artworks, leaving them shattered, bombed-out replicas of the Syrian buildings he saw on the news. And yet, when word of his broken pieces spread, Mohamad became an inspiration to refugees and immigrants in the diaspora who dreamed of homes that only existed in memories.

A BROKEN HOUSE is a film about loss and love, responsibility and identity — about homesickness for the places to which we can no longer return.

Watch the conversation that immediately followed the screening, with the Emmy Award-winning Director, Jimmy Goldblum, and the subject of A Broken House, Mohamad Hafez, moderated by Museum of Tolerance Director, Liebe Geft.

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