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This portion of the Museum of Tolerance site is dedicated to the children of the Holocaust. Each of the children featured are accompanied with a biography and photograph.

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Paolo Sadun

Born February 1, 1935 Mantua, Italy

Joshua Salman

Born 1933Vilna, Lithuania

Barbara Schechter

Born in 1941 Buczacz, Poland

Frida Scheps

Born October 1936 Paris, France

Edith Schwimmer

Born in 1932 Kirajhaza, Czechoslovakia

Rashka Schwimmer

Born in 1929 Kirajhaza, Czechoslovakia

Renya Sieger

Born October 10, 1936Cracow, Poland

Gabriele Silten

Born May 30, 1933 Berlin, Germany

Greti Skala

Born August 10, 1935 Secovce, Czechoslovakia

Mario Sonnino

Born May 31, 1941 Rome, Italy

Sandro Samuele Sonnino

Born August 8, 1938 Rome, Italy

Jasia Starkopf

Born January 14, 1941 Warsaw, Poland

Mary Steinhauser

Born May 21, 1938 Vienna, Austria

Vera Szasz

Born August 13, 1940 Budapest, Hungary

Noach Szejniuk

Born in 1933Paris, France

Benno Szulewitz

Born Nov. 15, 1931 Fuerth, Germany



Oro Torres

Born in 1931 Salonika, Greece


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