Children of the Holocaust

This portion of the Museum of Tolerance site is dedicated to the children of the Holocaust. Each of the children featured are accompanied with a biography and photograph.

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Edzia Abbe

Born 1926
in Lodz, Poland

Natan Abbe

Born 1924
in Lodz, Poland


Born 1934
in Warsaw, Poland

Emmanuel Alper

Born 1927
in Pinsk, Poland

Alfred Ament

Born Sep. 15, 1927
in Vienna, Austria

Hans Ament

Born February 15, 1934
in Vienna, Austria

Sura Andrezejko

Born 1927
Stawiski, Poland

Ulrich Arnheim

Born 1927
Berlin, Germany

Inge Auerbacher

Born December 31, 1934
Kippenheim, Germany



Lore Baer

Born August 26, 1938
Amsterdam, Holland

Abraham Beem

Born June 13, 1934
Leeuwarden, Holland

Eva Beem

Born May 21, 1932
Leeuwarden, Holland

Jacques Benguigui

Born April 13, 1931
Oran, Algeria

Jean-Claude Benguigui

Born December 26, 1938
Oran, Algeria

Richard Benguigui

Born March 31, 1937
Oran, Algeria

Baroukh Bentitou

Born May 27, 1931
Palikao, Algeria

Peter Berlowitz

Born July 8, 1936
Berlin, Germany

Chaim Blachman

Born October 30, 1927
Lodz, Poland

Hanna Blawat

Born 1938
Gabin(Gombin), Poland

Lia Borak

Born 1929
Lvov (Lemberg), Poland

Mia Borak

Born 1929
Lvov (Lemberg), Poland

Isac Brauman

Born 1937
Liepaja, Latvia

Isi Brauman

Born 1934
Liepaja, Latvia

Icek Brzezowski

Born July 14, 1928
Sochaczew, Poland

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