Bullying Prevention at the Museum of Tolerance

Bullying is when a person (or group) intentionally hurts or scares someone labeled as 'different from' or 'less than' them in some way. The target of the bullying feels powerless and is fearful that it will happen again.

The Museum of Tolerance is a powerful resource to schools for bullying prevention. MOT exhibits challenge students to explore the power of words, the importance of assuming responsibility and the role of the bystander in standing up for what's right.

The Museum of Tolerance offers effective, practical anti-bullying approaches for teachers, parents, and students of all ages.  Schedule a trip to the MOT to participate in one of our age appropriate bullying prevention programs.

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MOT Programs and Exhibits on bullying prevention


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About Bullying

Bullying takes many forms1 including:

  • Verbal: teasing, name-calling, spreading nasty rumors, abusive phone calls, intimidating texts, etc.
  • Physical: pushing, shoving, destruction of property, etc.
  • Relational: Rejecting, isolating and excluding a person from group activities or belonging, making them feel left out.

Cyber-bullying is the use of the internet or social media to spread nasty messages or post insulting photos about a person- potentially on a wide scale. Since information on the internet can be impossible to delete, it can harm a person's reputation for years after.

A key factor in stopping bullying is the behavior of the bystanders. Bullying continues when people stand by and do nothing.


1 Barbara Coloroso (2003) "The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander" (New York: Harper Collins Resources).