Partner: Otis College of Design

The MOT is a partner with Otis College of Design in LA through Creative Action: An Integrated Learning Program (IL) which provides BFA students with a series of collaborative experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of their major, integrate disciplinary skills and knowledge, and are sited within a public context. IL Students work in trans-disciplinary teams researching and addressing the needs of their partners as well as implementing real-world solutions when possible. The goal is to extend the traditional boundaries of the classroom, and respond to community challenges using students’ diverse visions.

The MOT collaborates specifically with Professor Candace Lavin and her COMIC HEROES: FROM 2D TO 3D class which is an exploration of comics and their 3-D counterparts.  Outcomes may include an intriguing marketing promotion or perhaps a "final product" that could range from a virtual world, to an action figure, a digital game, or even a user-created and edited website. MOT related projects focus on themes such as anti-bullying, cyber-hate, and overcoming injustice.

Sample of student work produced for the MOT:

Its OK To Be... was created by students at Otis College of Art and Design in the Integrated Learning Program: Samantha Dizon, Ignacio Ocegueda and Xanthe Menor