What People are Saying About Anne

“This is the most important exhibition about Anne Frank. For the first time the history of the Jewish family is, with context and a meaningful educational approach, comprehensively conveyed through Anne Frank’s works.”
- The Anne Frank Fonds, Basel 

"If the Museum of Tolerance's enthralling new Anne Frank exhibit were experienced by every person, it would leave us incapable of tolerating oppression. To be imbued with Anne’s beautiful spirit and courage for this riveting sixty minutes is to make both your heart and your world a better place"
- Barbra Streisand


"…[Anne] is perhaps the most extensive exploration of Anne Frank in any museum outside Amsterdam."
- New York Times

“Anne Frank never chose her fate, but destiny placed in her hands the memory of all the victims who perished…Through her diary, so full of the innocence of a young child with unfulfilled dreams and hopes, we are left only to imagine what the world lost by the millions we never knew”
- Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center


The Museum of Tolerance hosts the most comprehensive Anne Frank exhibition seen outside of Amsterdam…[and] is seeking to resurrect Anne’s complete life story and reclaim the reason she became such a mythic martyr to begin with: Because she was a Jew. ”
Jewish Journal

"By sharing Anne Frank's contributions to humanity with the schoolchildren of Los Angeles and hundreds of thousands of visitors, the Museum of Tolerance is helping shape a better tomorrow"
- Michael Milken

".. incredibly powerful…one of those visceral and transcendent exhibits — it hits you in the heart and the gut."
- Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

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