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is an immersive exhibit with unique artifacts, compelling graphics, powerful multimedia presentations and engaging interactive technologies bringing Anne Frank’s personal story and the times in which she lived.

Listen to Anne’s own words, narrated by Academy Award®-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld, and explore carefully selected artifacts, including items used by Anne at school and in hiding. Learn about her parents’ efforts to provide a happy childhood and the gradual exclusion which isolated and ostracized the Jewish community.

Highlights include:

Anne’s Room: An emotional, experiential 260-degree filmic dramatization of Anne’s room in the Secret Annex and finally, the arrest and imprisonment of everyone in hiding.

Interactive Action Lab: Visitors reflect on what they have learned about the legacy of Anne Frank.They are challenged to tackle the issues Anne addresses in her writing, which are remarkably relevant still today, and take action to make this this a better world. Among the activities at multi-touch tables, visitors can write a pledge and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Reproductions of the Original Diary and Loose Leaf Sheets – A reproduction of the original diary that Anne began to write on her 13th birthday while in hiding as well as 8 pages of loose leaf sheets written by Anne are among the archives on display throughout the exhibit - © ANNE FRANK FONDS Basel. Facsimile on loan from Anne Frank House, Amsterdam.


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