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seeks to inspire and engage a new generation of Americans- business executives, community leaders, educators and young people- to act on President Kennedy’s call for “equal rights and equal opportunities… to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated.”

In 1961, John F. Kennedy stepped into the American presidency. He accepted the challenge of leadership and asked his country to do the same. Fifty years later, The Museum of Tolerance (MOT) is proud to partner with LAUSD, the JFK Presidential Library and Foundation, and Bingham McCutchen LLP through special events and youth programming to commemorate JFK’s legacy and ’awaken the future.’ The MOT features JFK in its exhibits, such as the Power of Words and We the People as a seminal voice in American historical struggles towards equality and justice for all.  

A highlight of the yearlong project is the annual service learning program, sponsored this year by Bingham McCutchen LLP. The program is designed to expose students to the values and benefits of community service and develop a commitment to civic engagement. Using the assets and resources of the MOT, the program takes students and their teachers through hands-on workshops that guide them on the phases of service learning including identifying and researching a problem, carrying out service, reflecting on the outcomes, and presenting their findings to a wider audience. The projects will reflect key values expressed by JFK such as- the freedom to stand up for one’s rights, the right to think differently, the importance of protecting each other’s rights, and the right to rise to the level of our talents. See flyer here. (Enrollment is now closed)

Participating schools are:

John F. Kennedy High School
North Hollywood High School
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School
Roosevelt High School
Washington Prep High School


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