Black is A Color

The Museum of Tolerance and the Afikim Foundation Present a Unique Cultural Event

May 7 thru May 14, 2012

A masterful exhibit where art intersects the intellect and religion meets reality.

Artist and Author Stan Lebovic

About the art:

When a talented artist turns his canvas into a battleground where faith is forced to confront the evil that is the Holocaust, casualties run high; his brush strokes strike deep; the paint drips heavy; the colors contrast and lines blur, but the focus remains razor sharp and breathtakingly beautiful.
As each blow from his brush hits, sparks fly in a vibrant assault upon our senses and an eloquent engagement with our intellect. These masterpieces leap off the canvas and lodge within us, first as lumps in our throats or as a warmth in our hearts. Eventually they make their way to our minds, where they become food for our thoughts and inspiration for our lives.

As if by sleight-of-hand, the messages inherent in these works come not from the artist, but from ourselves. If art imitates life, the life imitated in this collection is yours and mine. It is ultimately the eye of the beholder that transforms these images into expressions.

About the book:

How do you articulate the incoherent? To share meaning, we must have words in common, and language builds a fence around our mutual understanding. This sound is gibberish; this sound makes sense. Speech lets us explore ideas within the safety of community. But what if the ideas that need exploring are the ones that so isolate us, so unmoor us, that they cannot be shared? How to express man’s existential angst in language? When the pain of experience exhausts our words, we must turn to symbols, for only these can express the inexpressible.

This book initially attempts to explore the unfathomable and react to it in color, line and form. The picture that emerges eventually paves a path wide enough for us to join the author in a dialogue where, together our inarticulate expressions can find resonance and those trying to absorb the unfathomable can find camaraderie.

Ultimately this work is a journey, one which will engage you on every front and fire on all cylinders. It is not meant to be read, it is meant to be lived. The work breathes!


About the artist:

The son of a Holocaust survivor paints us a deeply personal picture of his quest to wrestle with the darkness that engulfed his father’s world.

According to Rabbi Norman Lamm, Chancellor, Yeshiva University: “The author of this volume is doubly blessed - a brilliant and talented artist and a writer who manages, in few words, to illuminate the painting and offer his own ideas, often striking in their originality. . . . Lebovic’s stunning achievement is a triumph of synthesis, blending art and intellect . . . with appropriate citations from the vast literature of Judaism, from the Bible to the Talmud to Hasidism …”.

The exhibition is included with your Museum admission

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