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Total Number of students, grades 7 -12, including Adult Chaperones who plan to attend the MOT experience.:
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NOTE: Priority is given to schools that can visit the MOT by the end of December 2014.:
Preferred Date 1:*
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Bus Scholarships:

A limited number of buses are available this year.

Schools willing to use school bus transportation (eg. less costly buses) are considered a higher priority and are eligible to apply for up to 4 buses.

Schools requiring charter buses only (eg. more expensive) will be considered and can apply for up to 2 buses only.

Schools may apply for more free tickets as long as the school provides for the necessary remaining transportation.

Buses typically hold between 48-56 people. Schools are required to fill buses so as to effectively use grant funds. If you cannot fill a bus, you may coordinate with another school to fill the seats.

If your district has buses available for all day field trips, what is the cost?:*
If it is not possible for you to schedule a school or district bus for an all day field trip to MOT:
What bus company would you choose?:
What is the cost? Contact your vendor to obtain current information.:
How many buses do you need?:*
How many buses will your school sponsor for the trips?:*
How many buses do you need/want the MOT to sponsor?:*
What percentage of your students are Title I?:*
BRIEFLY ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: (200 words maximum for all three questions):

What are your objectives in bringing students to the MOT (e.g. curriculum links? campus climate?):
What follow-up initiatives are planned?:*
How did you hear about this grant funded opportunity?:*
Have you ever brought a class to the MOT before?:*
If this is not your first visit, how was the previous trip funded?:
Would you be able to bring students to the MOT without funding from this grant?:*
How do you plan to provide follow up and support to your students after the Museum of Tolerance experience?:*
Are there any obstacles to bringing students, aside from funding?(eg. calendar, transportation costs, substitute teachers, etc.):*
If yes, how can you address them? What support do you need?:*
Successful bus funding applicants will receive a separate written confirmation from the Youth Education Department.

Bus arrangements must be confirmed in writing within three weeks after you have confirmed your tour time reservation.

Thank you for your application!

For more information, contact the Youth Education Department at (310) 772-2548.

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