Iron Cross

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Narrative Feature

Director: Joshua Newton

Producers: Kevin Farr, Joshua Newton

Writers: Joshua Newton

Cast: Roy Scheider, Scott Cohen, Alexander Newton, Calita Rainford

Running Time:

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Language: English & German with English subtitles

"Iron Cross" was recently honored with two awards from the Boston Film Festival - the visionary filmmaker award for director Joshua Newton and the "Best Young Actor" award for Alexander Newton.  The movie thriller stars the late Roy Scheider as Joseph, a retired New York police officer and Holocaust survivor, who travels to Nuremberg following the death of his wife to reconcile with his son Ronnie (Scott Cohen).  The reunion is quickly overshadowed by Joseph's insistence that living in the apartment above, under a false name, is the now aging SS Commander (Helmut Berger) who murdered Joseph's entire family during World War II. 

Certain of the neighbor's true identity, Joseph draws his reluctant son into a plan to exact justice and vengeance.  With flashbacks to the past, revealing young Joseph's (Alexander Newton) narrow escape from the massacre and his teenage love for a heroic Polish girl, Kashka (Sarah Bolger), the story reaches a gripping and unforgettable climax.

Written and directed by Joshua Newton and produced by Joshua Newton and Kevin Farr, the Calibra Pictures presentation was executive produced by Alex Finney and Andrew Martin.  The film features an original score by Joshua James Field and Roger Bellon performed by The London Symphony Orchestra.

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