Goodbye Mothers

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Narrative Feature

Director: Mohamed Ismail

Producers: Maya Films

Writers:  Mohamed Ismail, Reine Danan

Cast: Marc Samuel, Rachid EL ouali, Souad Amidou, Hafida Kasoui, Nezha Regragui, Tarik Mounim

Running Time: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Country of Origin: Morocco

Language: Arabic & French with English subtitles


Set in 1960s Morocco as the Jewish population surreptitiously immigrates to Israel in search of a better life. The sawmill owned by Brahim, a Muslim, and Henry, his Jewish business partner, is failing. Henry decides to try his luck in Israel. Before leaving on a clandestine boat, he entrusts his family to Brahim, who soon must prove his true friendship.

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