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Documentary Short

Director: Frank Stiefel

Ingelore Herz Honigstein was born in 1924 to Jewish parents in Kuppenheim, Germany. She is deaf. As an expression of their embarrassment over their mute child, her parents ignore her and make no attemp as communication. She is sent to a variety of schools and tutors where she learns the most rudimentary forms of language.  At the age of six she says her first word.  At the age of twelve,  she finally constructs a complete sentence.  She enters the first grade at the age of thirteen and for the first time comes into contact with other deaf children.  Her short lived education is interrupted by Kristallnacht when she is thrown out of school and sent home.  Ingelore offers a unique perspective on the Holocaust.  Her amazing life shapes her into an extraordinary teacher and we learn the power of light over darkness.  "Ingelore" is more than a biography, it is a meditation on freedom both physical and emotional.

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