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About Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement

Addressing the unique challenges facing today's Law Enforcement Professionals
Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement is a professional development program which aims to assist law enforcement professionals, as front line service providers, explore the evolving role of law enforcement in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse and complex society. It has been specifically designed to confront contemporary issues within the law enforcement community and to assist law enforcement professionals in their continuing effort to enhance skills in delivering a more effective level of service to the communities.

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All of the courses offered by Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement are certified by CA P.O.S.T.  For a conprehensive list of all P.O.S.T courses and dates available CLICK HERE.

Winner - 2014 POST Excellence in Training Award - Organizational Achievement 

 Course Offerings:

Cultural Diversity

Our core courses, these are designed to explore the evolving role of law enforcement in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse society.

Supervisory and Command Level

These courses provide a specialized expansion of the cultural diversity courses and are designed for supervisors, command staff and policy makers focusing on their unique challenges in an increasingly democratic and diverse society.

Hate Crimes

Are Hate Crimes different from other crimes? What are the unique tools neccesary investigate Hate Crimes? What is the community response to Hate Crimes? These and other topics are explored through the Museum's courses on Hate Crimes.

Racial Profiling

Not a day goes by without a story about communities and law enforcement agencies struggling with the issue of racial profiling.  But what is racial profiling?  What is it not?  What are the ethical issues involved for both police and communities? The courses we offer on racial profiling delve into the legal, moral and ethical boundaries surrounding this controversial issue.

Community Partnerships

An advanced initiative that brings key community stakeholders together to develop strategic coalitions for building inclusive and safe communities.

Programs range from basic one-day cultural awareness programs to advanced initiatives.

For more information please click on the specific programs listed to the right or please contact us at:

Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles - (310) 772-7620 or email

Museum of Tolerance New York - (212) 697-1180 or email

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