Tools for Tolerance® for Educators

Tools for Tolerance® for Educators is an interactive, experiential program designed to help educators fulfill their potential both as people and professionals. It is built upon the premise that school professionals are the front line in our efforts to shape a better American future. The program offers a holistic approach to teaching tolerance in learning communities. Going beyond heroes and holidays, anti-bias education is articulated in terms of learning processes that promote self-reflection, critical thinking and social action.

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A Holistic Approach to Tolerance Education

Tools for Tolerance® for Educators is unlike traditional training programs. It is set in the immersive learning environments of the Museum of Tolerance and the Museum of Tolerance New York, utilizing innovative approaches to introduce new paradigms toward building capacity for safe and respectful schools.
The format includes:

  • Exhibit experience that exposes the dynamics of prejudice and discrimination in state-of-the-art exhibits that focus on American and global experiences, past and present.
  • Presentations of personal testimony from history-makers and both survivors and former perpetrators of organized hatred and intolerance.
  • Opportunities for discussion and reflection led by experienced facilitators.
  • Customized workshops designed to enhance interpersonal skills and cultivate ‘tools’ for anti-bias education.

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