Photographer: Yael Swerdlow
Photographer: Yael Swerdlow
Photographer: Yael Swerdlow
Photographer: Yael Swerdlow
Photographer: Yael Swerdlow

Jewish-Latino Outreach Program

Fellowship Opportunity:

Jewish Student Leadership for a Diverse World
Building Bridges between Jewish and Latino Communities
Enrich Yourself - Enrich Others - Make a Difference!


The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance, an international authority in anti-bias and leadership education, developed the Jewish Student Leadership for a Diverse World fellowship program to prepare Jewish youths for living, working and representing the Jewish people in a diverse world. It combines the cutting edge practical wisdom of some of our foremost Jewish leaders today with the best in experiential learning practices, some of which have been pioneered in the private sector with corporate executives and leaders.

The goal is to equip each student with the awareness, information and practical skills to interact respectfully and successfully in a diverse world, confront misinformation about Jews and Israel, and build bridges of understanding for mutual support. The practical focus of much of the course is on inter-cultural outreach to Latino communities as our neighbors and allies.

Jewish students will participate in the pilot program in two Tracks:

  • The High School Seniors Track is offered as a Fellowship to High School seniors as an elective course over two semesters (September through May).
  • The College Undergraduate Intern Track is offered as a paid Internship over two semesters (September through May)

The course content covers Jewish and Latino identity, history and values, inter-cultural competency, and facilitation and communication skills. We will examine current demographics and policy issues facing each group and identify ways to encourage mutual understanding and support. The program leverages the MOT’s highly diverse exhibit content, audiences, partners and faculty to offer leadership development and skills-building in a real world environment for real world results.

The Schedule

The program involves a student commitment for the entire academic year 2009-2010.

The full day kick-off is on Sunday, September 13, 2009. After that, we meet every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30pm - 6:30pm. 

During the first 4 months of coursework (September – December, 2009) students will meet every Tuesday afternoon, mostly at the MOT, but occasionally in various parts of LA, the Valley, or downtown for field trips related to coursework.

In January – May 2010, students will meet once per month at the MOT for continued coursework and will arrange their weekly schedules devoting time to their community service/outreach projects.

The final stage of the program is a public ceremony where students present the results of their community service projects in multi-media formats.

How Can I apply?

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For College Students

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