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Please join us for

Shalom Amigos

Special Film Screening

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 7:00pm

In July 1938 President Franklin D. Roosevelt convened a meeting of 32 nations and asked these nations to give asylum to the Jews of Europe who faced persecution by the Nazis.  All of the countries refused except for one…

During World War II, the Dominican Republic opened its doors to 100,000 Jews. Eventually, about 1,000 arrived and settled on the northern coast, where they were assigned land and cattle.

Shalom Amigos is a documentary that examines the history of the Jewish community in the Dominican Republic through the memory of the settlers and their descendants.

While few of these Dominican Jews remain, the paradise they found was forever changed by their presence.

Q & A following the screening with filmmakers Adrien Walter and Emmanuel Clemenceau.

Tickets: $5


Watch the trailer for the film:

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