Special Exhibition: A Game in the B Leagues

Bill Cormalis Jr.


"A Game in the B Leagues".... Is dedicated to the colored men and women of the Negro Leagues of baseball. The "A Game in the B Leagues" is a personally selected group of players that represents a time line of the league as well as two teams worth of players at the position/positions the player was known to play. The colors used were red, white, blue and black. The red, white and blue to symbolize America, and the black, well you know what the black is for. This is a tolerance issue for me, being these people could not compete at the highest level of competition due to the color of their skin. What I found out during research was, that in the off season, Major League Allstars would organize exhibition games know as "Barnstorming" games, played on open fields and such, against Negro League Allstars. During these games, Major League legends such as Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio, were exposed to Negro League legends like John Henry "Pop" Lloyd and Satchel Paige. Babe Ruth said, "Pop" Lloyd was the greatest player he had ever seen." Joe Dimaggio admitted, "
Satchel Paige was the most dominating pitcher I ever faced." If the greatest player of all time says another player is the greatest he has seen, then it is shameful the two did not compete officially based on the color of the others skin.

In school I learned who Jackie Robinson was obviously. Satchel Paige may have been brought up, and Josh Gibson seems to be another kids might learn about. But that is it. I feel cheated that was all I was given in school about the Negro Leagues of baseball. This was civil rights before Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. If the school system isn't going to give the kids a history lesson, then I will, and that is what the intention of the "A Game in the B Leagues" is, to teach/ pass on the information I learned on to someone else, through art.

On Display in the MOT Youth Action Lab
Extended Through March 2011

2nd Floor


About the Artist:

Bill Cormalis Jr. was born on July 29th, 1974, in Arcadia, California. In his formidable years (1985-1992), being a skateboarder, he was exposed to the art and graphics on the pages of skate magazines. He began to experiment with painting, doing grip tape art, and making stencils. Growing up in a musical family, music is a major influence, and subject in many of his artworks. 2004 was the first year Bill showed his paintings publicly at the annual Monrovia "Celebrate the Arts" Festival. At this event, Bill's talent for painting was discovered, and was hired by the Monrovia Unified School District, in Monrovia, California, to produce murals promoting staying active and eating right. The project was funded by the F.D.A and U.S.D.A. Bill has painted three murals for the M.U.S.D.

In 2005-early 2006, Bill was represented by SK Visuals, a gallery located in Sierra Madre, CA. Soon after his representation at SK Visuals, Bill began exhibiting work at group shows and exhibitions throughout Southern California. In July 2008, Bill was a featured Artist at the "Weapons of Mainstream Destruction" show at Zeem Haven, located in the Old town Pomona Arts District. In October 2008 Bill exhibited artwork at the "MusicShare" charity benefit, in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Notable artists with work in the show were; Shepard Fairey, Slash(musician), Mark Mothersbaugh, Ron English, Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead). Bill has shown at the Light Gallery, The Grind, Infusions Gallery, SK Visuals, The Art Factory, Hangar 1018, Zeem Haven. In July 2009, he was the first winner of Tattooed Steels 777 Limited Design contest. His winning design was produced as a Limited Edition colored cuff.In November, 2009, Bill's ink drawing "Muffinbones" was chosen by Ovation TV to be aired on TV. The first week of December 2009, his portfolio was a featured on Artbistro.com.
Bill was a featured artist at the Werewolf Gallery, Art and Scars show, January 2010, in Culver City California. In February 2010, his artwork was shown at the African American Heritage event at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California.

The MOT thanks Ovation TV
for their support .


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