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Name Searches in the Simon Wiesenthal Center Digital Archives


The Simon Wiesenthal Center Digital Archives offers the ability to search for names of Holocaust survivors and victims. With the assistance of a generous grant from The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, we have indexed the names in a number of documents in our collection. Those items include:

  • Auschwitz Inmate Ledger: A register of prisoners in the Maurerschule ("Mason School") Kommando at Auschwitz I (996 names)
  • Köszeg Register of Birth: Jewish register of births from 1866 to 1943, deaths and deportations from 1944-1945, and the first post-war birth in 1947 (270 names)
  • Slovakian Manuscript: Record of Jews in Eastern Slovakian who were deported during the Holocaust and survived (approximately 700 names)
  • Lillie Herman-Philipp Collection: Letters, documents and photographs sent from 1938-1941, asking the assistance of Lillie Herman-Philipp in getting Jewish refugees, mostly children, out of Germany to safety in England (approximately 100 names)
  • Compositions of Children in a Jewish School in Miskolc, Hungary: A volume of essays, short stories, and poems by student members of a literary club (38 names)

You may search by first or last name, and you may limit your search to one of the documents or search all of them. Search results will allow you to find the name where it appears in the document.

Please note that this is NOT a general search of all names of all Holocaust survivors and victims! Your query will search ONLY the documents we have indexed and included in our Digital Archives. For general searches you may wish to try resources such as Yad Vashem (Jerusalem), the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, DC), and other Holocaust-related libraries and archives.

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