MOT welcomes participants from 2010 American Association of Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting.

The COURAGE exhibition and all Museum exhibits and sections were open for the AAM attendees to explore.
Senior leaders of the SWC welcome Dr. Ford Bell, President of the AAM, to the MOT. Dr. Bell expressed how impressed he was with the design and content of the Museum.

Pictured L to R: Rabbi May, SWC Executive Director; Rabbi Hier, SWC Founder and Dean; Dr. Bell, Director of the AAM; Liebe Geft, Director of the Museum of Tolerance, Sue Burden, SWC CFO and CAO; and Rabbi Cooper, SWC Associate Dean.
An historic meeting between the Mendez and De Laine families, whose parents challenged school segregation in the 1940s and 1950s, took place at the Museum of Tolerance.

Pictured L to R above at a special reception to celebrate the COURAGE and PARA TODOS LOS NIÑOS exhibits are Darcy Fohrman, exhibit designer; Liebe Geft, MOT Director; Gonzalo and Sylvia Mendez; Joe, Ophelia and B.B. De Laine; Emily Zimmern, Executive Director of the Levine Museum of the New South, which created the COURAGE exhibit; and B.B. De Laine’s son.
AAM attendees enjoyed foods and flavors from around the world as they listened to live music, from mariachi to Klezmer.
Liebe Geft and Jeff Rudolf,  President and CEO of the California Science Center, co-chair for the conference, are seen here handing over the torch to the chairs of next year's AAM conference which will take place in Houston, TX.

Museums Without Borders was the theme of the American Association of Museums' (AAM) Annual Conference which took place in Los Angeles, May 23-26. Attracting over 5,000 attendees from 54 countries world wide, this was the most internationally diverse conference the AAM has ever hosted. 

MOT director, Liebe Geft, served as co-chair of the host committee for the conference. Adaire Klein, Director of Library and Archival Services, participated on a panel dealing with sensitive collections, "Preventative Conservation and Collections Management". Elana Samuels, Director of Museum Volunteer Services, along with Nora Webber, MOT Manager, and volunteers hosted a booth with the theme "Bridging the Gap: Tolerance through Technology" in the Marketplace of Ideas.

Liebe Geft and Dr. Linda Blanshay, Director of Program Development, conducted an onsite/insight session for 50 Museum educators, and the MOT hosted a grand evening event for 300 AAM conference attendees on the last night of the conference.









MOT Booth in AAM’s Marketplace of Ideas.

The theme of the MOT booth was "Bridging the Gap: Tolerance Through Technology" and the presentation highlighted the educational programs that utilize video‐conferencing technologies and internet social networking strategies in order to reach audiences beyond our museum walls. A slide‐show featured a number of successful programs, including “Bridging the Gap” Holocaust survivor testimonies, the Once Upon a World Children’s Book Award videoconferences and the ‘Ask a Speaker’ feature of the Museum of Tolerance’s Facebook page, where questions can be directed to Holocaust speakers, scholars, a former white supremacist, as well as speakers who have been recruited into slavery and recently liberated. Raffle drawings were held with winners receiving Once Upon a World Children’s Book Award first place books. Elana Samuels, Director of Museum Volunteer Services (pictured in blue suit jacket, below, left); Nora Webber, Museum Manager (pictured in red sweater, below, right); and Jessica Youngkin, MOT volunteer represented the MOT. 












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