16th Commemoration of Rwandan Genocide


Pictured left to right at the Rwandan Genocide Commemoration: Liebe Geft, Museum of Tolerance Director; Mathilde Mukatabana, keynote speaker; Elana Samuels, Director of Museum Volunteer Services; Urusaro Bakuramutsa and other members of the Rwandan Community in Los Angeles; and Lorraine Sais, Arts & Lectures.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 1:00pm

On Sunday, April 25th, the Museum of Tolerance commemorated the 16th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Patrick Mureithi’s film, ICHIZERE, documented not only the history and the horror of the genocide, but also recent efforts at reconciliation. Mathilde Mukatabana, who had flown in from Northern California for the program, shared her personal testimony about the loss of her parents in the 1994 Genocide and her current social work in the rural areas of Rwanda not reached by international organizations. Sharing video and a recorded interview, Liebe Geft, MOT Director, highlighted the impressive work of Anne Heyman and the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV), a project for orphaned teenagers, modeled on the successful program developed in Israel to absorb children after the Holocaust. Director Geft shared the incredible and inspirational stories of Emanuel, Lilian, Jacqueline, Alfonse, and Mario, and how the ASYV is truly “Restoring the Rhythm of Life” for these Rwandan orphans and others.

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